Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation

We are a non-profit association whose objective is to financially help elephant refugees in Thailand. During the Covid-19 pandemic, elephants living in shelters are sorely lacking in care and food, usually funded by tourism.

It is to meet their vital needs that the association was created, in partnership with Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation of France which has been working for years for the well-being of elephants in Asia and particularly in Thailand.

Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation mission

1.  Gathers documents and data in support of elephant preservation efforts for dissemination to agencies and the general public.

2.  Promotes and supports elephant conservation efforts by educational institutions, private individuals, government agencies, and organizations in Thailand and in other countries.

3.  Procures donations in support of elephant welfare, distributes funds to relevant projects, and informs donors

of how their donations are being used.

4.  Collaborates with other charities.

5.  Is non-political.